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Exclusive Services

Here at the Bonney Lake Dog House our experienced Pet Stylists are very well versed in animal behavior and soothing energy. We know that our clients trust us with their fur babies and the experience of the pet is our number one concern. We take pride in being able to work with any pets from young puppies new to the process to older senior pets, as well as pets with special needs that may be fearful, nervous or even a little feisty.

**Prices vary based on breed, coat condition, style of cut, and behavior. Please read additional policies for important information on booking.**


  • We will discuss temperament, health, skin condition, special needs, and special products that may be specific to your pets coat as well as style and type of service you prefer for your pet. 

Bath, Brush and Blow out

  • A warm relaxing bath with our all natural products using the product that best suits your pets skin and coat needs. 

  • A moisturizing "VERY BERRY" gentle facial tearless face wash that cleans, deodorizes and moisturizes your pets face. 

  • A warm towel dry and full blow out of your pets coat.

  • Dead coat removal to reduce shedding.

  • Leave in conditioner.

  • Nail Trimming and File, Ear cleaning, and Anal Gland expression (on request) 

  • Perfume or Cologne (on request)

The Haircut

  • Our stylists are well versed in all breed cuts including hand scissoring to breed patterns. We are also well versed on the “Puppy Cut”, introductory grooms for puppies and comfort grooms for senior dogs.

Additional Services (add-ons)

Express or "kennel free" groom - books @ 9:00am only. This ensures your dog is worked straight through for a

kennel free experience. 


Snout and Paw cream


Teeth and Breath spray


Flea bath

$4 - $6

Skin renewal shampoo


Quick services

All quick services are by appointment only and are provided to maintain the health of your pet.

Nail clipping


Nail clipping w/ filing


Nail clipping, filing, & paw trimming

$25 - $30

Anal glands


Anal glands and nails


Ear cleaning & ear hair removal


Extra hair trimming

$10 - $25

Dog Swimming

Self wash

We are the only dog salon in the Bonney Lake - Sumner area to provide a private self wash room so you can safely wash your pup with salon grade equipment for you and your furry companions' best experience.

Dogs 30lbs and under

Dogs 30lbs and over

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