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Dog Grooming Tools


We consider our clients time just as valuable as our time, if not more. We also understand that the key to good energy in our shop is keeping up with a consistent, punctual time management process when grooming your loved ones. If we notice any concerns with your pets' health condition, we will be sure to let you know. Also letting us know if your pet has any ailments or preexisting health problems helps us to provide the best experience.


  • If a dog is found to be extremely matted and needing to be shaved close to the skin, very short, or an otherwise drastic change, we will describe this to owner at check in. We will not cause any pet any sort of pain or discomfort attempting to comb out matting. Dematting is the removal of tangles and knots. While minor tangles may be resolved by brushing or combing, excessive matting must be carefully removed with electric clippers and scissors. Attempting to brush excessive matting is painful and harmful to the animal’s overall wellbeing, skin, and coat. Clipping with a close blade is the least stressful, most humane, and the only force-free solution. Previously concealed skin conditions can now be properly addressed.


Senior Dogs

  • A visit to the dog groomer can be a stressful event for a senior dog. It’s common for most geriatric dogs to have some health issues that can make grooming more of a challenge. Back and hip problems can make it difficult for the dog to stand for the groom or to stay crated for hours. Special care is necessary when grooming a senior dog to avoid unnecessary stress. To avoid any complications, it’s important you tell the groomer about your dog’s special needs, so she can plan accordingly. Some groomers may have you sign a release form acknowledging your dog’s condition and the risk associated. Elderly dogs should be in and out of the salon as quickly as possible for their comfort and safety. There are things you and your groomer can do to ease the stress of grooms.


Late and Cancellation

  • Up to 15 min late we will be as accommodating as possible and may need extra time with your pet. 

  • If 15-30 minutes late a late fee will be charged and extra time may be needed with your pet.

  • 30+ minutes late and there will be 3 potential options based on the groomers schedule.

    • We may need to reschedule your appt.

    • The pet may be limited to a "bath and brush" and not a full haircut with an additional late fee.

    • The full haircut service will still be performed with additional time the allotted and a late fee will be applied

Pet Aggression

  • If a pet shows significant human-aggression or bites a team member, we will notify the owner immediately and may request immediate pick up. Owner will be responsible for all grooming services rendered up until that point. We reserve the right to refuse future service for the safety of the team and pet. 


  • We do not require pets to be on flea preventative, however if we find fleas at any point, we will make every attempt to reach the owner, but in the event we cannot, we will use a flea shampoo at an additional cost and the pet will be isolated from other pets while in our care until fleas are resolved. 



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